If you want to know how service dogs can help military veterans in Colorado Springs, this article is for you. We aim to show you the overall benefit of service dogs and how they better our beloved Veterans’ lives. From general Military Veterans to those diagnosed with PTSD, or facing a disability, there are several ways that veteran service dogs can benefit their life.  Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center works with several service dog organizations to help provide aid and service Military Veterans in the greater Colorado Springs area.

How Do Service Dogs Help Military Veterans?

Why would one consider service dogs for veterans in Colorado? Pairing a veteran with a service dog has many benefits. A service dog can help a Military Veteran facing PTSD, anxiety, depression, or any post-war disability. With a carefully-selected and highly-trained dog, Veterans receive more joy and receive the daily help they require. Trained service dogs have solid temperaments, can serve under pressure, and maintain a constant calm demeanor. They are highly intuitive, ensuring that their Veteran is protected against migraines, seizures, or mood-shifts before the person recognizes any symptom.

Service Dogs for Veterans with PTSD

Service dogs are great for Veterans dealing with PTSD. PTSD service dogs can mitigate some of the symptoms experienced due to PTSD and provide additional support. Some service dogs are specially trained to interrupt a night terror, get emergency help, and retrieve items as needed.

Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans

Service dogs can also provide support to Military Veterans who have a physical disability. The disabled-vet-trained service dog provides balance while walking or standing, assists with transfers, can open doors, retrieves items, turns off lights, and alerts the individual to dangerous complications.

Does the VA Pay for Service Dogs? What About Insurance?

Unfortunately, the VA doesn’t pay for service dogs, boarding fees, food costs, grooming costs, or routine expenses. However, the VA does provide for the veterinary care and needs through the Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Service. Aside from this, Veterans can find financial help for a service dog through a qualified organization.

Veteran Service Dog Organizations in Colorado Springs

We partner with several different organizations in Colorado Springs that provide service dogs to our local Military Veterans. Here are our partners, along with their contact information.

Freedom Service Dogs

Freedom Service Dogs offers VA service dogs to veterans. They have an ongoing commitment to local military veterans and stand ready to serve.

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Victory Service Dogs

This organization helps veterans affected with PTSD and other disabilities to receive an improved quality of life through a relationship with a service dog.

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Guardian Service Dogs

Guardian Service Dogs provides service dog training and certification for disabled veterans that need additional assistance.

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Canine Defined

This organization strives to train service dogs and connect them with veterans for support.

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Veteran’s Puppy for Life

This company specializes in helping veterans overcome PTSD with the help of a qualified service dog.

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Service Dogs & Other Veterans Services in Colorado Springs

Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center provides integrative services and support to military service members, veterans, and their families. The three core services offered include Transition and Employment assistance, Behavioral Health and Wellness support, and Veteran and Family Resources (non-clinical crisis case management). Mt. Carmel also offers support through connections to community resources, monthly food distributions to those in need, and a safe event space.