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Rodger Allen Johnson, Jr.

Next Chapter Program Manager


Rodger Allen Johnson, Jr., is a Master’s Level Behavioral Health Clinician with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He is currently earning hours towards licensure (LPC-C) and holds the Suicide Prevention Program Manager role at Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center. Rodger has been recognized for serving in the military from February 2004 to November 2015, with multiple deployments to the Middle East. His clinical experience is broad and includes but is not limited to treating childhood trauma, marital health, depression, anxiety disorders, and suicide prevention. Rodger is passionate about Behavioral Health because serving those who have suffered or are suffering from trauma or mental health is near and dear to his heart—providing those individuals with tools and hope for the future. Rodger enjoys paintballing, playing basketball, off-roading, hiking, and video games in his spare time, and he currently lives in Colorado Springs, CO.