Jobs for Veterans, Military Spouses and Veteran Spouses

At Mt. Carmel, it is our goal to find you and your family a career that creates purpose and meaning in your life. To do this, we provide many services that pair veterans and their spouses with the right job in Colorado Springs. Our services provide local businesses the opportunity to employ Americas finest –


April is Month of the Military Child

April is the Month of the Military Child.  Military children are bright, resilient, adaptable, well-travelled, bright, inquisitive and eager to help.   At Mt. Carmel, we aim to serve families of all shapes and sizes, and this includes their children.  With activities aimed at families, Mt. Carmel hopes to nurture a positive relationship with military children


Mt. Carmel Partnering with Xfinity to Provide Broadband and Cellular Service to Low-Income Homes

What is the Federal Affordable Connectivity Program? The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a benefit provided through the FCC that helps low-income families acquire broadband to work, attend school, access telehealth services, and more. Through the ACP, qualified families will receive one credit for broadband service and one discount for cellular device service. ACP is


What is a Protected Veteran & What Does the Status Mean?

What is a Protected Veteran & What Does the Status Mean? What is a protected veteran? Let’s look at the Protected Veteran Law and what it means for a disabled veteran in Colorado Springs. We will answer what protected veteran status means and determine if you qualify as a protected veteran. Mt. Carmel Veterans Service