“Mt. Carmel was a godsend for us.
I wish they were everywhere. Their mission for us was lifesaving.”

“It was a huge weight lifted off our shoulders, knowing we could still provide for our children without standing in line waiting for food,” Arnee explained.

The Salisburys relied on family members for a roof over their heads and food on the table. Bill was able to find work at a call center in North Carolina but in 2018 they were experiencing financial troubles when Bill’s job was transferred with no notice to Colorado Springs. The family had no money saved and no plan.

It was Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center who discovered their plight, found the family an apartment, got the utilities turned on and helped rent.

Mt. Carmel came to the rescue for the Salisbury family again earlier this year. Arnee was at work when she began to experience stroke-like symptoms and had to leave her job on disability. With money tight once again, the family faced being kicked out of their apartment if they didn’t pay rent.

Mt. Carmel stepped back in and provided a household advisor who helped them create a budget plan to get through their financial hurdles at a time when the world was still shut down and their personal income was getting lower.

Just another way that Mt. Carmel can be there for families in their time of need.

For EVERY dollar you invest in HELPING veterans,
Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center will DOUBLE its value in the community.

Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center was founded in 2016 to provide the best practices in transition and wellness services for veterans, military and their families by delivering expertise, resources, space and sustainability.

Mt. Carmel recently received results from an independent study done by the  National Institute for Social Impact (NI4SI) which reveals that for every dollar the nonprofit invests in its programs, two dollars are returned to the community.

The metric is called Social Return on Investment, or SROI, and is the measurement of the value of efforts of an organization to alleviate a social, environmental or community issue.

This social return to the community has resulted in significant increases in veteran job placements, reducing unemployment and employment turnover. Mt. Carmel has also provided an increase in veteran and family resources and support services and a significant increase in behavioral health and wellness support and treatment. Additionally, they have made significant progress in reducing homelessness, veteran arrests and department of corrections incarcerations.

There is more work to do. We need your help to reach the 100,000 military service members, veterans, and families living in our community.


Mt. Carmel has worked with 56,353 veterans in the five years they’ve been serving the community,
through direct service, community events, job and health fairs and social engagement.

All of us at Mt. Carmel thank you for your support!

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